Northstar-riding the rails

This weekend I got a chance to ride the new Northstar line for the second time, the first time being just a week ago and taking the evening train into downtown to catch a movie at Block E. All I have to say is-it’s about time. After being milleniums behind just about every major metro on earth, the Twin Cities finally has the start of a true commuter rail system. I say that it’s the start mainly because this is a one-line system only, currently running from Big Lake to the new Target Field in downtown Minneapolis. The train makes the journey in about 50 minutes. The service itself is great, the train ran on-time, and of course being new equipment was a pleasure to travel on. The cars are double-decker and feature club seating, as well as power points and work tables on each set of seats on either end of each car. The current downside to the service, besides it’s limited route-service only runs several times each morning and evening rush hour, with special trains for events such as the Holidazzle in downtown Minneapolis, and Twins and possibly Vikings games. If your schedule doesn’t jive with the trains, you are SOL.


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